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Belay ledge in Seneca Rocks, WV

Greeting folks! Allow me to introduce myself, Emily A. Davis: lover of dogs and chocolate bars, humble student, scholar of nature documentaries, and climber of rocks.

I find myself here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, finishing up two certificates in Ecological Design in the Built Environment and Permaculture Design.

But before I became enamored by this field, I studied Environmental GeoChemistry at SUNY New Paltz. There, I learned many good things, the most important being that I didn’t want to be an environmental scientist, even though I was good at it (Magna Cum Laude,  hey-oh!).

I was drawn to the design field like a moth to a flame, since good design demands astute attention to detail, and sharp problem solving skills; which is what I liked about science degrees. But unlike science; creative forces, generalism and whole systems thinking are necessities in place-appropriate design. And without them, the solutions remain in the fog.

I’m into spaces of inspiration, intentional ecologies, and regeneration. I think the work we do is influenced by the space that we are in. Thus, inspired work doesn’t come naturally in an uninspired place. I’d like to be a part of the regeneration movement, where humans become an integral part in the stewardship of robust ecologies, and we do it beautifully.

So, when I’m not reading permaculture books, or dreaming about the landscape design firm I hope to start someday, you can find me outside.  I’ll be at the nearest crag, or hopefully planning a trip to some other wonderful climbing spot. And if I’m not there, I’m probably eating too many cookies in bed with my sweetie, lulled by the melodic tones of David Attenborough’s commentaries on natural wonders.

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